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Linda Arkley

Originally from N. Ireland but now based in Colchester, Linda Arkley is a Sculptor, specialising in Light Installation, Photography and Moving Image.   Linda’s practice explores the boundaries between art, science and nature by considering scientific enquiries, not as precise truths but in terms of questions and possibilities. Her fragile worlds, made mostly from discarded plastics collected from the environment and low tech lighting, captures the pioneering spirit of 19th century scientific exploration and imaginative invention, that lay the foundation for what we know today.     Linda approaches her practice in a hands-on manner by responding to site, materials and light source with acute sensitivity. The low tech equipment and amateur processes are an integral part of her work. Through light and plastic manipulation, she creates multidimensional works that evoke a sense of wonder.    Since 2007, Linda has worked on various community and art education projects. She has taken on commissions for galleries, museums and schools, and has exhibited her work nationally.

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