Cuckoo Farm Studios
Studio Space for Artists in Essex
NFASP Member Essex County Council


Cuckoo Farm offers several membership options for artists. Whether you would like to rent a studio or be a part of a group of likeminded peers, we have a suitable membership for you. Come join us at the studio today!

 Artist Tenants 

Artist tenants are full time members of Cuckoo Farm Studios, renting space within the buildings available at the studios.

To find out more about the studios and apply for this membership option, please click here.

 Print Workshop Members

Membership at the printwork shop can be full time or as an associate giving you access to a well equiped print making facility.

For more information click here.


 Artist Associates

Artist Associates and affiliates enjoy many benefits artist tenants do for an annual fee.

To find out more and apply for an Artist Associate membership , please click here.