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Hanne Mannheimer

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More often than not, it begins with a found object, like the texture of a thread or the memory of a porcelain figurine. Sometimes the found can be a story, even a few words describing something or a feeling that needs to be made in a tactile and fragile material – clay. The combination of the found and made, a tangible object and an abstract idea is what motivates me the most. My works ranges from ceramic press moulded vessels and plates, found object sculptures to drawings and collages, raw clay paintings and mixed media installations.

I have been developing my practice as a ceramic artist for the last fourteen years, exhibiting my work on a regular basis throughout the UK, and also internationally.  I have been supporting myself through residencies, teaching and selling and promoting my own ceramic work professionally at exhibitions, specialist fairs etc.  After successfully completing my Masters at the Royal College of Art in 2010, I together with eight other artists and designers, all graduates from Ceramics and Glass at the RCA, founded Manifold ( I have been based in Colchester since 2011 and recently joined Cuckoo Farm studios in 2017.