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Heather Selwood

Along side the teaching I had been for many years the secretary of Cuckoo Farm Print Workshop.

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I have a BA (hons) in Art and Design and a PGCE in Art & Design. I had been teaching 15 years which I enjoyed very much and found it challenging and rewarding.  I was a lecturer at Braintree College and found the projects that I did with students stimulating and inspiring and had a tendency to work along side them.  I love drawing from organic natural forms which I then manipulate into collographs or develop into lino, dry point, silk screen and photo silk screen printing.  I love the textures and surfaces that are created on prints.  I have also been exploring patterns recently from natural forms and then manipulating them into images upon fabric  which have been painted and then sewn into create an new work of art.

I am also a member of The Colchester Art Society and The Butterfly group at Dedham and have exhibited with both them and The Cuckoo Farm Print Makers.