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Janette Lazell

I graduated in 2009 with a first class degree in Art and Design, 3D Design & Craft. I was awarded the graduate studio at Cuckoo Farm for the following year.  I have since moved to another studio and am currently working to extend my practice, working primarily with metal; mild steel, stainless steel and copper, photography often provides me with inspiration and I am experimenting with textiles.

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I am an artist specialising in working with metal; forged mild steel, stainless steel, steel and copper wires and stainless steel woven wire cloth.

My interest in photography, particularly abstract patterns and light and shadow on water and glass are now providing me with inspiration for metal sculptures.

I am also interested in textiles. I create metal leaves out of stainless steel fabric and am currently working on ideas (using my photographic images as inspiration) to create woven and digitally printed fabrics.

Creating art for the garden is a progression from my experience in garden design.

Observations of the natural world and life long interests in horticulture, photography, art, design and craft are the inspiration for my work.