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Rebecca Jordan

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My work is process-based, involving repetition, excess and duration with works growing incrementally and slowly into understated works of overstated labour. My drawings are mainly abstract exercises in the process of mark making creating works of monochrome lines slowly built up with only the nuances of the material giving away the labour involved in their creation, not immediately visible, such as coppery shimmer of marker pen on marker pen where the lines overlap. They are insular and very much about the process of making. The thread installations are an external reaction to space, using the same repetition and excess but manifested in a way that correlates with the outside world. It explores phenomenological reactions to places and the materials, whilst still subtle it is redolent of physical things such as the shades in black plumage on a crow. Blues and purples threaded amongst the mass of black thread to subconsciously connect whilst not being immediately obvious. I want my work to have a physical and psychological presence in response to the space it occupies and I am interested in the way it’s placing and presentation affects us as the viewer.