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Ruth Philo - Paint Ground

A new exhibition, Paint Ground, featuring work by Cuckoo Farm tenant Ruth Philo.


These paintings explore walking and paint. The slow physical act of walking the ground and the equally physical act of making a painting: sourcing pigments, stretching canvas, priming grounds and painting a flat surface to make the physical presence of a painting.

These have occupied Ruth in her work in both a philosophical and a material sense. Her paintings are concerned with colour, light and surface and aim to convey a sensory experience through abstraction. The materiality of the paint and the process itself interplay, with the paintings becoming a record revealing condensed histories in their surfaces.

Westminster Reference Library, 35 St Martin's Street, London, WC2H 7HP

Opening view on Tuesday 1 August with a discussion on the subject of Contemporary Abstraction with Wen Wang (Yantai Art Museum, China) and painters Julian Brown and Ruth Philo starting at 6pm.

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