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David Stone

I did a BA Fine Art course from 1970 to 1973 at Brighton Polytechnic. I concentrated on experimental art using photography and film. However, after many years I gravitated back to painting and much more recently took up etching. I find etching intriguing in its use of heat and acid and I hope to extend my skills to photo-etching and etching using photo-copies. In a sense my intended use of photographic imagery brings me back to my degree studies.

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I trained as a painter and was drawn to etching through Rembrandt although my main skill base came from a course run by a contemporary etcher. The use of hatching fascinates me, but so does aquatint. I have experimented successfully with the use of multiple plates or repeat printing on to one piece of paper. This builds up unexpected textures and depths of tone. I'm essentially a landscapist and my painting has been dominated by unregarded places for some years, but the East Anglian landscape did seduce me in etching terms. Now its time to move on I think.