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Linda Theophilus

After a career as an exhibition organiser and curator, Theophilus trained as an artist at Kent Institute of Art and Design (BA 1st class 2004, MA 2005). In 2019 she showed at North House Gallery, Manningtree (in PATH ), in Between Ourselves   (work by Chinese and UK artists) in Lowerstoft and Ipswich, and most recently in the on-line project by Katherine Wood, Curating for Corona (see Day 50 Colours of the Lockdown (yellow edit) 2020) She is currently working in conversation with Cornwell-based artist Sara Bowler, each producing site-based work, sparked and encouraged by each other.

Profile Gallery

My work focuses on specific locations and their histories. I often use materials collected from the sites, their impermanence an essential part of the work. The pieces range from temporary large-scale installations to small framed works.


Recently I have been making natural inks and dyes to capture the transient colour of a plant, a place, a season, a moment in time.


I support and develop my ideas through large-scale drawings, in charcoal, graphite or raw pigment. My current focus is on gravity  and its straight pull down that keeps us stable.