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Lisa Temple-Cox

I have developed my professional practice as both visual artist and researcher over the past 25 years. During this time I have been extensively commissioned by both public organisations and private individuals making artwork for institutions as varied as schools, hospitals, libraries, and even public conveniences. I have exhibited widely and am a practiced speaker and workshop designer and leader and have undertaken a number of artist residencies in Europe and the USA.

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My work examines our own subjective experiences and perceptions of the body in life and death using a range of medium including large-scale immersive drawing, assemblage and installation. My practice embraces both specimens of human anatomy, usually drawn in situ in the museum or museum stores and natural sciences and I often work from my own collections of animals and animal remains.

Central to my work is my own experience and search for identity and sense of belonging as a mixed race post-colonial child. I am fascinated by vanitas as both categorisation and as a symbol of the changing states of life.