Cuckoo Farm Studios
Studio Space for Artists in Essex
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Chris Meigh-Andrews

Artist, writer and curator.

Clare Iles


Colin Brown

Book binding, restoration, gold-tooling and box-making.

Hanne Mannheimer

ceramic artist

Hila Hill


Hilary Owers

Drawing in charcoal and other media

Iris Dina

Iris Dina is a conceptual artist, maker and ceramist living and working in Essex. Iris' conceptual art explores concepts of equality from within a feminist framework by in...

Karina Carrington MRBS

Sculptor, photographer. Elected Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. 

Kevin Howbrook

Through my work, I explore the hidden and intangible. Essentially, it's about creating a feeling and a curious space between the work and the viewer. I am interested in the co-e...

Linda Theophilus

My work focuses on specific locations and their histories. I often use materials collected from the sites, their impermanence an...

Lisa Temple-Cox

My work explores interstices: between science and religion, the normal and the pathological, the familiar and the uncanny. My current research interests explore the ...

Lupe Cunha

Painter, photographer and printmaker working in oils and water media.

Nicholas Rowe BA (Hons) LSDC

Nicholas is an artist/craftsperson working in wood.

Stuart Bowditch

Stuart’s practice is rooted in places and communities that exist on the fringes, both geographically and socially, with a particular interest in the sonic landscape, capturing ...