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Through Similar Eyes

'Through Similar Eyes!' is a joint exhibition of paintings by Patricia Price and Anthony Jones at The Benham Gallery and Project Space, Cuckoo Farm Studios.


PRIVATE VIEW: 7pm – 9pm Friday 31st May.

EXHIBITION OPEN: Saturday 1st, 8th, and Sunday 2nd, 9th June.
12noon - 4pm

Flyer for Anthony Jones and Patricia Price

Paintings by Patricia Price and Anthony Jones at the Benham Gallery and Project Space, Cuckoo Farm Studios.

The idea for this collaboration / exhibition came about after the artists’ mutual visits to each others’ studios during Colchester & Tendring Open Studios weekends in September last year. It was one of those throw away comments we all make… Patricia said ‘We seem to see the world through similar eyes…’
Coincidentally they had noticed each other’s work twelve months previously in Open Studios 2011 exhibition at the Minories, Colchester.

Both artists make use of geometry in similar but yet different ways, both use the formal device of stripes, some horizontal but mainly vertical and both exploit the square and rectangle. However, even though colour is important to both, each uses it in very different ways.

It turns out they had similar training and professional experience – advertising and design and both are endeared to typography and letter forms.

The awareness of spatial markers and their use is perhaps their way of making sense of what is seen, an unspoken visual world where order and beauty are implied sanctuaries in a frequently chaotic but free thinking environment.

This collaborative show at the Benham Gallery and Project Space situated in the grounds of Cuckoo Farm Studios, enables the artists to assess their continuing development, and to offer a visual engagement whereby the viewer becomes the participant and effectively completes the creative process – Through Similar Eyes! 

Private View : Friday 31 May from 7pm till 9pmThe Benham Gallery and Project Space,Cuckoo Farm Studios,Boxted Road,  ColchesterCO4 5HHExhibition : runs over two consecutive weekends –Saturday 1st and 8th June,Sunday 2nd and 9th June : 12noon till 4pm.