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Nicholas Rowe enters the Artisan Alchemy Gallery, Birmingham.

Cuckoo Farm Studios Artist Tenant Nicholas Rowe has recently delivered more than a dozen of his best and newest artistic woodturning pieces for the first time to the Artisan Alchemy Gallery in Birningham's Jewellery Quarter.

Nicholas describes "this is the biggest step up in my career since joining The Handmade Shop & Gallery, Bury St Edmunds, as a 'Collective' member in July 2021, perminently featuring in the shop.

To have my work picked out to be present in such a prestigious gallery, amoungst makers of such quality and renound blows my mind. As the gallery in part specialises in wood and charactor, my work is in good company."

The Artisan Alchemy Gallery says...

"In an age of mass-production it can be hard to find true quality. And if you are a lover of bespoke fine furniture and jewellery, you may wonder where to shop. That’s why we set up Artisan Alchemy, incorporating Michele and Artisan Artemy.

We wanted to showcase only the best in British hamdmade design. We display our collections in our showroom in the Jewellery Quater, Birmingham, and lots of our pieces are also available to browse and purchase online."

To highten this occasion Nicholas has finished his first, in what he intends to be a long and sustained developing investigation into turning 'Nests' or 'Bowl saving' turning. This Spalted Sycamore 'Nest' is now available to see in the Artisan Alchemy Gallery showroom and can be browsed for online.

Other works including Nicholas's signature Evergreen (Christmas) trees will be amoung others available on their website soon.