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Upcoming Print workshop Courses

A full range of courses run at Cuckoo Farm Studios Printworkshop.



Cuckoo Farm Artists' Print Workshop - Printmaking courses 2015

I0AM to 3PM. Leader: Al Brown.
An introduction to the variety of techniques and effects that can be obtained through relief printing, from the simple linocut to the limits or your imagination.

ETCHING - July 25th 2015
10AM to 3PM. Leader: David Stone
Gain experience or the basics of etching from preparing a plate to producing a print using etching, aquatint and sugar lift. Bring any sketches or images as source material.
Materials cost £10

SOLAR PLATE PRINTlNG - August 8th 2015
I0AM to 3PM. Leader: Val Mollison.
Quite simply using the power of the sun to create a printing plate, and produce stunning prints.
Materials cost £7.50

Leader: Al Brown
The kids are back at school; indulge yourself with several days of creative printn1aking in the Cuckoo Farm Artists Print Workshop.


For information and dates call 01621 890185 

All these Workshop days are designed to introduce newcomers to the craft of printimaking. They are also an opportunity for those with some past experience to renew their acquaintance with the craft or widen their knowledge.

Courses can be taken as individual days or on a mix and match basis. 
Places, which are limited to 6 per day will be allocated on a first come 
first serve basis.

The charge is £40 per day.

To reserve places please call:
Heather Selwood 01206 577717,
Alan Woods 01206 546326
or email 
The Print Workshop, Cuckoo Farm Studios, Boxted Road, Colchester CO4 5HH